Battling The Daunt

Coming up against a thing after deciding to do something.

In that moment between the experience of a desire and the initiation of action to bring about that desire.

When in that moment, something rises up, billows into existence that is a pressing in, a threat that makes the desirous body flinch, pull in, retract. That which rises is the daunt.

Domptous beast that ranges between me and the world.

To press in, bear upon, constrain, obstruct. There is a bluntness to the effect as it comes from all points at once, distributed across the whole of being. It forces back against the desire.

Domare, dominate, tame. The ferocious desire is met with constraint. This is the Devil’s work. The one who rattles the chains we have bound ourselves with.

This daunt paces ready for my next desire.

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