This blog is about language, the mind, and the huge gap between them. Language is a way into understanding the mind and/or the brain – dems problem words, danger, danger. It can’t allow us to express everything, but it can sharpen our perception of what we can’t express in language.

My approach is playful. I try to be rigorous. I value compassion and laughter. I recognize the ballast that depression and pain can provide and give that space as well.

I am a linguistic by training, tho I’ve never worked that professionally so don’t go expecting the cutting edge of linguistic research from me. Still it informs everything I say about language. I’ve also done a fair amount of copyeditor, but it stresses me out and ultimately ruins me for actual writing so I pay other people to do that now. I don’t pay anyone to copyedit this blog so there will be mistakes. I will love every single one of them.


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